API for Private InControl2 (software or Appliance)

We would like to connect to InControl2 device database information in order to generate special reports. One report that we need asap is the WAN availability in several devices. Our customer demands to know this in order to apply penalties to their ISPs; also to know the real availability of our SD WAN !

Also, we would like to input group or specific device settings to avoid device per device changes.

Any ideas are more than welcome !


Hi Heriberto,

Can you provide details info what do you mean “penalties to their ISPs” ? Do you mean customer want to base on the device WAN UP/Down to penalties their service provider ? WAN UP/Down can be cause by environmental influence , do you have other network reports that can support the penalties request ?

Private IC2 API documentation:

“x.x.x.x” refer to private IC2 server IP address

Thank You

An API is available for both public and private InControl. For private InControl, you can visit https://{incontrol.server.name}/api/restful_api for the documentation and testing tool. For public InControl, you can visit http://www.peplink.com/ic2-api-doc/ .

You may want to refer to a device’s Event Log for its WAN down/up events to generate a WAN availability report. The API path is /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/event_log . As the Event Log page on the InControl web site also utilizes the same API call, you may enable developer mode on your web browser and inspect how our Event Log page makes calls.

Hope it helps.

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