Apartment Complex Internet


Hello All…
We need to design a platform to provide internet to a 120 unit apartment complex. This complex consists of 5 buildings with 24 apartments per building. The complex owners are planning to have the ISP bring fiber into a Club House building where the MDF will be. We will have single mode fiber in a star configuration from the Club House MDF to each of the 5 buildings IDFs. Each of the 24 apartments in the building will be cabled via Cat6 to the IDF closet of that building. At the apartment we are thinking of having a local router 4 hard wired connections and wireless. I have been using Peplink Balance equipment for my VOip installations and am interested in using it for this deployment if it fits. Thanks!


How much bandwidth will be going to each of the 5 buildings and is there a targeted amount of bandwidth per apartment? I assume it is a synchronous connection from the ISP?


I was thinking of a gig fiber link to each building from the MDF. The customer is wanting to give them a 10X2 as a starting point for each apartment with option to upgrade to more speed. I believe so but not sure on the synchronous connection I will have to contact the ISP.


At a minimum you will need to go with a Balance 305 and our 24 port SD Switch at each IDF. And of course InControl2 to neatly manage everything :smiley:


I would take 10GBs Switch with at least 10 SFP+ for the Club House. A Peplink SD-Switch with 48 Ports for each bulding connected via 10GBs fibre. As there are 24 appartments in every building you got only 2 ports per appartment. You surely will have Accesspoints and surveillance cams or access systems after a while… The B305 will be sufficent.


Thanks for the replies. All great info. 2 Ports per apartment should be plenty. We were thinking of installing a Surf SOHO at each apartment for wireless connectivity and 4 hard wired ports.