AP300 Syslog and Time Synchronization

I have a Pepwave AP One 300M running 3.4.1 build 1406. I have it set to the default NTP server and I’ve got syslog enabled. I am getting a successful time synchronization log message on my syslog server every hour. If I go into the 300M device and look at the syslog there, it does not have any corresponding entries. Time synchronization every hour seems a bit excessive, and I don’t want to pollute my syslog, but there appears to be no way to filter these out, nor is there any setting I can see to determine the frequency of time sync. The event log on the device shows no such messages, but perhaps it switches off when I turn on the external syslog settings?

Any help or information would be appreciated.


Getting update of time synchronization in every hour is an expected behavior in v3.4.1. This update can’t be filter or turn off. We will make changes on this (only get update when lost contact or reconnect with NTP server) in future GA release. Stay tuned.

For problem of time synchronization message not show in AP, please open ticket for us to investigate. This is not an expected behavior.

Thank you.