AP WiFi schedule not starting all SSIDs after upgrade to firmware 8.2.0

I have a Balance One with a WiFi configuration that has been working properly up to firmware 8.1.3 (5172). Here are the details:

  • I have 2 SSIDs configured, both with an Always On schedule.
  • Both SSIDs have the Broadcast SSID checkbox checked.
  • The embedded AP has a custom Operating Schedule configured.
  • The router starts and stops the AP correctly. However, even if both SSIDs appear as ON in the Dashboard page, only one of them is actually active / reachable!

This behaviour is new to 8.2.0 firmware. If I reboot the router in 8.1.3, the AP schedule works correctly and both SSIDs are reachable as expected.

Anyone having this strange issue?

@mmc70, this doesn’t sound like an expected behavior, can you submit a support ticket here for the team to take a closer look at it?

***Please include this thread (URL) in the ticket as a reference.

Thank you, ticket #22041144 created.