AP series as a wifi bridge

Can the Peplink AP-series be to create a bridge to extend a LAN segment to an adjacent building? I would need all LAN functions to pass through, including DHCP from one segment to the other. How are they configured? A search here shows some prior discussion but I could not find a complete setup guide for it.

Do any of the AP-series support operating as a bridge, and also as a repeater at the same time?

Hello @Don_Ferrario,
Peplink does have a range of products called the Pepwave Device Connector

You could look at using these though you really need to assess your application requirements, this is one of the areas that Peplink is still evolving in and so it is highly recommend that you engage with you local country Peplink Partner, they will have within their local distributor team an RF expert that can help, make sure to have them check with you as to what is best for your application such as:

  • Wireless bridges
  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multi-point
  • Distance/obstructions/RF environment
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Local frequency restrictions (these vary through out the world)

In Australia it is necessary to do a lot of terrestrial wireless networking, we use Peplink for as much as we can though know that the some of items above are still outside the strengths of Peplink and so we balance the needs of the customer and project with matching the right equipment to the application.

Some manufactures/vendors struggle to collaborate when mixing other vendors equipment though we have found Peplink to have a good position in being open/supportive while remaining agnostic/neutral on preferences out there with extended wireless links.

An example of a roll out we are involved in uses an extensive mixture of balance routers and Pepwave APs (both indoor and outdoor), with the network infrastructure setup with over a dozen VLANs, serving currently five SSIDs, two captive portals, connecting on over several satellite services (the are no LTE or ground based service options at this location) and to top it off there are over four different billed business interests. The whole site has a distributed local wireless back-haul, this had to be done with a product that could handle the sites requirements (some of these being also environmental), both the Peplink solution and the other manufactures solution are cloud monitored (using services like InControl2 & Peplinks cloud monitoring is our preference of everything we have experienced).

Though have a look at the Pepwave Device Connector and ask you local Peplink partner if it is the right option for what you need.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: