AP Profile Settings limited in number?

I manage my 4 AP’s from my Balance One Core. I have always just used the default profile with the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels set to auto.

However, I wanted to experiment to see if I get better results and stability by manually selecting the channels for each AP by defining different profiles for each.

However, I was only able to define one more profile by cloning the default. I do not see any way to create any new profiles or to clone either of the two that I have now. Is this a limitation of the Balance One Core?

I am running the latest firmware of the Balance One Core (8.1.3 build 5172) and the APs (3.6.3 build 1952). My APs are 2 x AP One Enterprise and 2 x AP One Rugged.

For AP Controller lite, you can only have 2 AP profile management. For more information, you can refer to the release notes firmware 7.1.0 (Reference 17083)