Can somebody please confirm the following with the AP Pro APP-GN:

  1. The unit can wirelessly bridge or connect to another AP Pro access point and at the same time provide wireless connectivity to wireless clients?
  2. I should expect the speeds to be halved for the wireless clients connected to the bridged AP?

The AP Pro is a dedicated access point and could wirelessly connect to another AP Pro via WDS. If you need to connect to a different AP you should take a look at the Device Connector IP67:

You are correct about the speeds getting cut in half.

Thanks Tim. Just so I’m clear. The AP Pro will be able to connect to another AP Pro via WDS and also provide wireless coverage, therefore extending my wireless network? How is the Device Connector IP67 different?

Yes, you are correct. The Device Connector is different because it is a vendor-neutral solution to extend wireless coverage whereas the WDS feature is only fully supported on our AP’s.