AP PRO 300M Captive Portal with Terms & Conditions but no Login

I searched the forums but did not see this question asked. I am looking for a device to provide wireless guest access for a cafe & the AP PRO 300M looks like a good fit. Access is free of charge. I don’t need nor want customers to login with a user/pass. I do however need customers to accept some terms & conditions before being able to access the internet. I would prefer to use the built in web admin interface for simplicity.

Is this possible with the AP PRO 300M or other WLAN Pepwave devices?

This can be achieved with AP Pro 300M + InControl2 Captive Portal management. InControl2 Captive Portal management is free as long as the warranty of AP Pro 300M still valid.

Thank you for the info. Are there any other products that Peplink offers which provide the functions I am looking for without a subscription based cloud service?

AP Pro 300M + Balance router can meet your requirement. Please refer here for the spec of each Balance router.