AP ONE X Repair


We have had a discontinued AP One X fail. The power LED comes on, it shows initializing, and then sits, with only a quick flash on the LAN LED. I am repairing it by replacing the board from an indoor AP One. It is working, however with the external LED bank header connected to the new main board, I am not getting any LED indications other than power LED on the outdoor enclosure LED board.

Is there a way to configure the AP One board so that it now correctly uses the enclosure LED board of the AP One X?
Is there a way to JTAG the old AP One X board and recover it from a ‘bricked’ state? I see other header pins on the board, what are they used for?


Hi James,

Please take note warranty will be void if casing was opened. This is not recommended and we don’t support any hardware customization.

The replacement model for AP One X is AP Pro.

Thank you.

Thank you. The unit is out of warranty anyways, although it only lasted about 18 months in the field. Before I shell out 400+ CDN$ for a single band AP Pro that has no options for external antennae, I don’t see why its such a big deal to try and recover what seems to be a repairable unit. Its wasteful.