AP One Rugged's Lan Out port not working

Hi, team, We have two AP One Rugged in my setup, One Static IP from ISP.
First AP One Rugged have ISP Line in WAN/PoE port and powered with adaptor.
LAN Out port of 1st AP One Rugged is Connected with 2nd AP One Rugged’s WAN/PoE port.

1st Rugged is Set to Router Mode/NAT. Static IP Configured. Wi-Fi From 1st AP is Working fine. In LAN Setting we define as device IP. DHCP Pool—

Problem is that 2nd AP Rugged not get connected to the Internet.
It’s set as Bridge Mode with DHCP.
Both Rugged have Firmware 3.5.4 build 1681.

Weird … You using AP as router ? AP may have limited function compare to router.

What is the second AP mode ? do you tested connect LAN port for the second AP to the LAN port for the first AP ?

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Yes I am using AP as Router.

Second AP’s Mode is bridge.

Yes I also tried that but it doesn’t works.


Technically it should work. Please open a support ticket for support team to check.

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Thanks sitloong, i will raise a ticket soon.