AP One Rugged with wrong antennas?

So I’ve recently purchased an AP one Rugged access point. The device has 3 RP-SMA connectors in the back for antennas. This means it has a male pin in the connector. The three included antennas also have male connectors, so the two don’t connect up.

This is different than past experience with the Surf SOHO where the SOHO had male pins on the device, but on each of the three antennas, it had a female connector, so everything hooked up properly.

Did I get shipped incorrect antennas, or what am I doing wrong here?


Can you please share photos of the connectors?
Wifi connections use RP-SMA and cellular use SMA

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Hi GNO-2014. Thank you for the images and clarification. I had to do some reading as I was not familiar with RP-SMA (which supposedly was released to make it more difficult for people to put on higher gain antennas). I use SMA on a fairly daily basis with other things.

I’ve attached a picture of the connectors. The base AP has an RP-SMA Female on the back for the three antenna connections. The three antennas themselves have an SMA-Male connector.PepLink

Hi @Nielb
The wifi connectors on your device are correct i.e. RP-SMA Female (wifi).
The antennas you have are incorrect i.e. SMA Male (cellular).
Please contact the vendor you purchased this unit from, they will help you sort this out.
Thank You


Hi GNO-2014.
This was purchased directly from Amazon (being the seller and the shipper). I’m assuming they received their stock directly from Peplink. I don’t believe Amazon is going to work this out besides actually just having me return it for a refund or a replacement. It’d be nice to know the replacement isn’t going to have the same antenna issue. The box was brand new sealed upon arrival, so I don’t believe someone at Amazon opened it up, replaced the antennas, and then found a way to seal the box back up (not saying it couldn’t be done).

Thank you for your help though! I’ll probably sit tight until Monday and see if someone from Peplink chimes in. I’d hate to return the device over just the antennas. Hopefully there was a mixup by the person that was putting the contents in the boxes.

Hi @Nielb
Which Amazon Market Place was this from?
If you are in the EU, we will sort you out with the antennas, you just pay for the shipping. We have a few spare.
I agree about Amazon not wanting to sort out the actual problem, its like dealing with a robot, sorry I mean you are talking to a robot!

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Hi GNO-2014,
It was purchased from the America/US Market Place.

Amazon definitely like a robot at times. They have their place, but have become too much of a middle man and can’t handle all the issues that come up (I can’t imagine the staff that would take).

Considering this is a new item in the box, in my humble opinion, it should come with the proper items to make it work, hence, no cost for resolving the issue (ie shipping the antennas that should have been there to begin with), but I appreciate the offier if I was in the EU.


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Found that you have opened a support ticket “9060165” for this.

Support team will followup with you shortly.

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Hi Sit Loongs,

Thank you for the response. I have been in touch with the support team. They are talking about sending 1 replacement antenna. If you can let them know (I’ve updated the ticket), that all 3 antennas that came with the AP One Rugged were not correct, and that I need 3 replacement antennas, that would be great.

Thank you!

Yes … the ticket is updated for sending you 3 antennas.


Antennas have shown up. Thank you! I hope to try and get the AP working this weekend.

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Hi sitloongs,

I recently received an AP One Rugged and opened box today and found 3 wrong antennas as well (Amazon). Just found this thread and great to hear you guys can replace these through a support ticket (mine is Ticket #9060472)

@mark360, I have checked the ticket. Our technical support is processing the replacement for you.

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