AP One rugged IPhone not associating

I’m a new customer and am struggling to get the AP One Rugged to associate with iPhones (and windows clients). I’m using the AP out of the box (WPA2 )and have established that the Ethernet port on the cable modem is allowing access to the internet. When clients try to associate with the AP One the spinning wheel continues to spin and the device never connects to the AP. Any thoughts or ideas on things to check or troubleshooting processes?
Thanks in advance

Hi swmagers, it is a pleasure for us that you are part of our forum,

Initially, in order to understand the scenario a little better, we would like to know what version of firmware your APs have, your Iphone devices, this information allows us to help you in a better way.

However, initially I could recommend that you try the following configuration:

You can find this in the web interface under: AP> Wireless SSID. It will only show up when you put the Security Policy on WPA2 - Personal:

Let us know how you goes

Thanks for the reply. I’m on firmware version 3.6.0 S7 build 1829.
I had previously read a post on the forum regarding the fast transition setting and it has been enabled and the problem persists
The phone is an iPhone 8+ with iOS 14.3. I can see the phones MAC address in the list of connected clients with a strong signal and data indicated as flowing. I do not however get the iPhone to finalize its association. The little spinning wheel next to the Wi-Fi SSID just keeps on spinning and never shows up in the system tray on the top of the phone.
I also noticed that the phone does not seem to be picking up a DHCP address. The address shown is

Thanks for your feedback.

A couple of reboots later, and a flurry of cabling changes (too many changes to know what fixed it…) an I have clients associating. Now I notice that the AP is not getting an IP from the cable modem (a motorola MB7420). I can cable my laptop into the modem and get an IP but the AP does not seem to be able to get an IP address.
Any Ideas? I’ve rebooted and re-cabled and am having no luck.