AP One network device name

Hi all,

Im hoping to get some help here, we have 15 AP Ones on the network and Ive configured them all with specific AP Names and Locations in the AP’s settings. However, if I do a network IP scan or run a network monitor app, these AP’s all come up on the list as “AP One”. Im trying to figure out how to show their unique AP name on my network scans or net monitors. Is this possible?


If you are connecting to a AP with a wi-fi capable device, does the SSID show up with the correct name?

Yes SSID shows correctly just the physical network name of the device. Notice the Netgear AP’s show a unique network device name, but all the Pepwaves just show “AP One”


May I know APs managed by Balance router? If so you may check from there (AP > Access Point).

No, they are not being managed by the Balance Router.


I have no idea how the IP Scanner read the device hostname. If this important, you may use Balance router or InControl2 to manage the APs.

Fyi, no additional charges by using InControl2 provided the APs still under warranty.

Hope this help.