AP One Mini - Poor Performance

Hi Everyone,

We recently installed 8 AP Mini’s and seem to have consistently bad connections. For instance, if there are more than about 3-5 people trying to connect, we get no or limited network access.

Apart from setting up the WIFI and using Auto for the Channel ID we have not really made any changes out of the box. We have ensured that there is no overlap of channels, we certainly have very good reception of signal, but viewing through various tools, we see that each of the AP’s signal rarely stays consistent and is more often than not as in the following:

It appears that the signal drops and this is when we cannot get any reliable network access. Occasionally though, the signal is consistent, that screen is solid green, and we have no issues. It is more often than not, in the state of the picture and this is for all of the AP’s.

I am not a WiFI person so I am hoping that there thoughts on what may be going on and point me in some direction.



Be sure you are running 3.3.1 firmware. If there is still an issue after confirming this, please open up a support ticket with us.

Yes, we are running 3.3.1.

A support ticket has been raised.