[AP One mini] IC2 managed SSID appears greyed


Probably a dumb question but I haven’t found the answer. What makes some SSID to appear greyed in AP One ?

Well, after some fiddling it look like it is a bug. Now, this is what I get:

Timing of events in IC2:

  1. created new SSID using WPA2/WPA3 personal in IC2
  2. changed WPA2/WPA3 to WPA2

did tests for a while with one WPA2 only aware laptop, ok

  1. assigned a captive portal to the SSID in order to check if it has some effect on greyed display. no change
  2. removed captive portal

laptop traffic is not routed anymore, even after wifi association close / re-open.

  1. power cycle of the AP

Apparently fixed with 3.7.3 build 1050