AP One mini - How to make 5GHz mesh work?

I have an AP One mini meshed with a Max Transit Duo. All are on latest firmware.
The 2.4GHz mesh is working great after I reduced the channel width to 20MHz.
I’ve experimented with different channel widths on the 5GHz, but can’t make the mesh reconnect once the AP is powered down and up.
Is there a trick that I’m missing?
BTW, I also have an AP One AX Lite on another Transit DUO that worked instantly straight out of the box with no fine tuning on 5GHz.
Thanks in advance

@Rick-DC that was an OS moment as I thought I’d missed a fundamental!!!
However, my challenge is with the AP One mini and a Max Transit Duo. Both have 5Ghz radios and both mesh until you unplug and restart the AP One mini.

In case it’s not clear, Rick is talking about the BR1 Mini but David is talking about the AP One Mini.

David, is it HW1 or HW2?

I have a bunch of AP One Mini HW2s, and they definiely have 5GHz WiFi. I have not tried to set them up on a mesh however.

In the FWIW category:

In a test setup we have a bunch of AP One MIni AC HW1 units. They are ordinarily all wired to a B380, but as a quick test I un-wired one of them, with all the APs having activated mesh support at 5GHz with a 40MHz channel width. The unwired unit did connect without issue.

Rebooting the AP One did not cause problems - it reconnected to the mesh.

As I said, FWIW.

Good luck,


Just a quick additional comment:

We have encountered challenges configuring mesh networks using IC2 (where the same mesh configuration works when defined locally on each device). No time to pursue it (it is not important to us at this point), but definitely an oddity.