Ap One Mini AC running hot?

Ceiling mounted with only 5ghz radio on at “low” tx power.

External surface temp is reading 105F.

Specs state operating temps up to 113F.

Is this normal? Figured it would run a little cooler with only 1 radio at low power.

23° – 113°F or -5° – 45°C are referring to the room temperature.

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I have 3 AP One Mini (Hardware version 2) and they do run warm. Lying on a tabletop, the underside reaches a temperature of 55C (131F) which feels hot to the touch. This is at room temp of 20C (68F).

If I mount them vertically, natural cooling seems much better and the temperature drops to about 45C (113F).

Is the 55C temperature when on a tabletop something to worry about?

Wall mount will help with ventilation as heat rises.

Mine are ceiling mounted so unfortunately the heat will get trapped between the underside of the AP and the ceiling.

But I’m sure they’ve been tested and engineered for much higher tolerances so I won’t worry about it. As long as the ambient room temp is within the tolerances outlined in the specs of 23-113F.

The environment in which they’re deployed I guess is the more important factor to consider.

Putting them in a server rack in a server room might not be the best decision. Or a hot garage or shed if the ambient room temp exceeds 113F as the specs and @TK_Liew point out.

How are you powering the AP? We have noticed when using a PoE-injector for the AP One AC Mini, it runs a lot hotter than when connected to a Cisco Smart Switch with PoE.

I have connected to a Trendnet Edgesmart POE switch.

They’re pulling about 4w each and detected as CLASS 3 PoE devices.

I wonder if powering via 12V would be more efficient?

What does the device do if you provide both 12V power AND PoE power?

I’m sure the AP mini has internal circuitry to disable PoE if a 12v power supply is connected.

In turn, my PoE switch would simply detect it as a non-poe device and in turn disable PoE on the port.

In any case, I’m no longer concerned. Given the SFF of the ap mini means heat dissipation will be more apparent and is working as intended. The minis are only drawing about 4w of power each, so pretty efficient.

Perhaps if the units were cool to the touch then we’d have reason to worry. :sunglasses:

Here’s a picture of my AP One Mini (HW2) running on PoE, hanging vertically in free air, with the room temperature about 64F:

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We can confirm this. Using a POE injector (in our case TRENDnet TPE-113GI Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector) drives ceiling mount AP AC One Mini up to 60°C surface temp (between AP and bracket / ceiling).