AP One Flex HW3 - cannot change FW and no WDS --> HELP!

  1. We ordered the AP One Flex units because the spec says that they supports WDS. Indeed HW1 was able to do it.

  2. We started receiving the HW3 and couldn’t get the WDS to work.

  3. I Looked for newer FW on the Peplink support site and noticed that on the release notes of the FW the is supplied with the units out of the box (3.6), the WDS is deprecated which means we need to downgrade to lower version.

  4. When trying to downgrade from FW 3.6 to FW 3.5.x using the web-console ( the systems writes: "

Firmware image invalid or corrupted. Unable to upgrade


The versions I used are: 3.5.3 and 3.5.2 for HW2-3 (our’s is HW3) from (filter to AP One Flex):

  1. I also tried using the FW deployment from the InControl but it fails (probably for the same reason)

Appreacite your help, we need the WDS running!