AP One Flex Drops Clients

We just installed 10 WAPs for a client including an AP One flex for an outdoor area.

Devices can connect to the Flex it but lose internet connectivity within a minute. There are no obstructions and devices show full bars when connected to this WAP.

This device is controlled with group settings using incontrol2 and firmware 3.5.2 build 1537. None of the other WAPs have an issue.

I have pinged the device from a computer inside the network for 10 minutes with 0 packets lost and <1ms round trip.

Also, I could not power on this WAP using a Cisco Catalyst PoE switch that powers the 9 other WAPs. The only way i could get it to boot up was by using the included PoE injector. Is that normal behavior?


Hi Lucas,

Wireless inteference is highly suspected. Please perform wireless survey to confirm this. Then tweak the wireless channel to avoid interference.

This is expected. AP One Flex can be power on by Native POE injector only.

Hi TK - To clarify, this device can only be powered by the peplink available PoE which is a passive PoE? If this is the case it should be stated on the product description. Or does it mean it can run off a switch that supports passive PoE as well?
Please clarify?


Hi Mike, you can use either the supplied passive PoE injector or a switch that supports passive PoE from 12-24 VDC.