AP One Firmware 3.9.1 Beta 1

We would like to announce that AP One Firmware 3.9.1 Beta 1 is now available.

Download Release Notes
Download the Firmware

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Great news! Thanks alot Peplink team! :+1:t2:


802.11a/b/g modes did not work on AP One AX
What problems caused the issue that was fixed here in detail?

Iā€™m not sure what changed here but updating my five AP One AX units, I could not get any of my Wi-Fi devices (mostly Apple) to connect at all. My existing Wi-Fi networks were all set to be WPA2/WPA3 Personal. Once reverting back to 3.9.0, everything is back up and running except one AP One AX will not boot now (sent email to open ticket).

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@brycv, may I know the ticket number? Please help to attach the Diagnostic Report from AP One AX which is having issues with Apple clients.

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This beta fw version seems to be unstable for AP One AX devices.
We have discovered unintended reboots (approx. once per day) using 3.9.1. Beta 1 FW.
See ticket nr. 22030021

New beta revision 3.9.1 out today (1088 for AP AC One Mini; 4942 for AP One AX). :+1:t2: