AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 2 for AP One AC Mini HW2 / AP One Flex HW4

We’re happy to announce that the AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 2 is now available.

Devices Supported

  • AP One AC Mini HW2
  • AP One Flex HW4

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware

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I am noticing with 3.7.3 Beta 2 on my AP One AC Mini HW2 device, that my door Abus WIFI Webcam has ongoing connection issues (many disconnects / no stable connection) in comparison to 3.7.2 stable version.
Using WPA2 personal on 2,4 GHz fixed channel 6 / 20 MHz bandwith.

@ckirch, just curious. May I know the WIFI connection for Abus Webcam will become stable if you reboot the AC Mini back to 3.7.2?

May I know this affects Abus Webcam only? Other WIFI clients are running fine?

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@TK_Liew Yes, after rebooting to 3.7.2 everything works fine again. The webcam streams to a QNAP NAS Running QVR Pro App. With the Beta FW it disconnects very often and even connected live watching is only possible with many interruptions of the stream.
I am using this one AP One AC Mini nearly only for the Webcam. Other clients are iPhones and iPads but those had no problem/ disconnects I recognized.

@ckirch, please open ticket for us to take a closer look. Please provide the MAC address of the Abus Webcam. We may need to reboot between 3.7.2 and 3.7.3 to observe what is the difference.


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Ok I will do so this evening. Thanks for caring.
Another issue that I found with this fw RC version is, that I cannot connect from my iPhone (e.g. via Wifi to my QNAP NAS ( running QVR PRO (webcam streaming to the intranet) and watch the stream. No Problem when I am connected to another AP with 3.7.2 running.

Ticket [20090339] created.

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I have found out that Apple’s new iOS can lead to Access problems:

Apple’s new iOS 14 Private WiFi address feature

This is activated by default after the update by Apple iOS or iPadOS 14 on Apple devices. Together with Peplink devices having activated a WiFi MAC Filter this leads to refusing the AP connection from clients with unknown „private“ MAC.