AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 1 for AP One AC Mini HW2 / AP One Flex HW4

We’re happy to announce that the AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 1 is now available.

Devices Supported

  • AP One AC Mini HW2
  • AP One Flex HW4

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware

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How is the Mesh implemented? I don’t have a unit to test it on currently, but it probably is a per device setting? As in no central management from AP Controller/inControl yet?

And automatic switching between wired and Mesh link would be ideal.

I would also like to know more about the mesh feature and how it is set up. Does mesh mean the units will use each other for connection which does not require ethernet to each access point? What distance between units would be reasonable to expect in a warehouse type building?

Is the mesh feature with this firmware or other available on the AP One Enterprise?

We use a B380 as our AP controller, with the latest firmware. The B380 is at a remote location.
Will that handle the mesh setup the same as we do now for individual access points? I don’t want to use a cloud controller when we have the functions built into our own device.


If an AP One has Mesh configured and it does not have any ethernet link to reach gateway of any networks, it will search for other APs those can reach a gateway(via ethernet or Wi-Fi) in the same Mesh group. AP One will connect to one of those candidate APs.

At this moment, it can only be configured locally on AP One, but we will have AP Controller to manage this setting in next G.A. release.

This feature will also be available on AP One Enterprise soon.

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Would you please explain in detail how to setup Mesh? I have setup Mesh on both of my AP One AC Mini with same SSID and same Password via 2.4 GHz WIFI, then unplugged the LAN backbone of one AP, but it did not connect to the other AP. What to do?

Additionally, can you please provide a WDS step by step manual? It is not clear to me, how to proceed in order to add a new device to my WIFI-network.

Hi ckirch,

Could you please check if you have configured auto channel in 2.4GHz? We suggest to use static channel if Mesh/WDS is enabled.

For WDS configuration, you have to configure on both AP One by input peer MAC address in the profile.

If you still failed to setup Mesh/WDS, please PM me and I will investigate your case.


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Hello @Lewis_Kong,
thanks for the quick reply! I have set for 2.4 GHz (used for Mesh) fixed static channels. However, I only use Auto setting for 5 GHz.