AP One Firmware 3.7.2 Inconsistency with Balance Firmware 8.1.0

Dear Guys,

We have a network contains 5x AC Mini APs with HW1 and firmware 3.6.1 which have been managed by a Balance 305 firmware 8.1.0.

Recently, we have added a new AC Mini HW2 with firmware 3.7.2 but I have many problems and I cannot understand how this new 3.7.2 firmware is working.

1- I don’t see the “Keep Defualt IP” setting in the new firmware
2- I cannot login to the new AP console within the balance controller
3- New AP cannot give IP address to clients on different VLANs. Clients freeze on obtaining IP address.
4- I cannot understand the concept behind the new Bridge Mode, Router Mode and Bridge Mode without LAN IP !!

Please advise.

Hi Hootan,

Thanks for your feedback.
For point 1) and 4), we use different presentation for the default IP address. To “Keep Default IP”, you can choose “Bridge Mode”. If you want to remove the default IP address, you can choose “Bridge Mode without LAN IP”. We will see how to improve this configuration in future releases.

For point 2), you should be able to access the 3.7.2 AP WebAdmin in the Controller, but it will not auto login anymore.

For point 3), can you open a support ticket for that? We believe there should be some network setting issue.


Hi Lewis,

Regarding point 2, I got the point that it’s not auto login anymore, but even I cannot access the web admin after typing username and password. page will refresh and nothing happens.
but when I open the web admin using the own AP IP address, I can login successfully.

by the way I will create a support ticket for this.