AP One Firmware 3.6.3 Now in GA

AP One Firmware 3.6.3 is now ready for production environments.

To get yours, simply head over to Firmware download page and download for your device. Alternatively, you can update via InControl 2 Firmware Management.

Supported Models:

Product Hardware Revision
AP One AC Mini HW1
AP One Enterprise HW1-2
AP One Flex HW2-3
AP One Rugged HW1

Hello @Lai,
Can we also get a version for these models:

  • AP Pro DUO (APP-AGN2)
  • AP One InWall (APO-AGN2-IW)

We would really like to encourage Peplink to bring all of the Pepwave AP models up to date with a common Firmware version, as there are thousands of these models out there.

Most people would understand that Peplink cannot produce any more of the older non AX chipset models due to the current silicon wafer supply demands. However, Peplink has thousands of these older models out there with partners and customers. Currently, there is no upgrade path for most of these within the Pepwave models, yet lots of them are still in warranty with InControl2 subscriptions; it is only fair to expect that these older models are all brought in line with a common firmware version containing patches for the latest security notices.

So PLEASE offer a commitment to:

  • Bring all Pepwave APs up to date for the current security notices.
  • Offer a Common Firmware version # across all WAPs.

Happy to Help,

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