AP One Firmware 3.6.2 Beta 1

We’re happy to announce that the AP One Firmware 3.6.2 Beta 1 is now available.

Devices Supported

  • AP One Rugged
  • AP One Enterprise
  • AP One AC Mini HW1
  • AP One Flex HW2-3
  • AP Pro AC

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware


I have 6 AP One Mini’s (Hardware 1) which I updated individually 3.6.2 Beta 1, however each one reverted back to 3.6.1

I even tried the Hardware 2 version of the firmware on 1 AP One Mini but it reverted back as well.

Hello @atomicboy,
Are you managaging the devices through either InControl2 or the AP Controller within a Peplink|Pepwave router? If you are, then manully updating the devices directly will result in the change been over writen by the settings within either InControl2 or the AP Controller.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Good point. My AP subscription timed out but I still do have subscriptions for the Balance 210 and IC2.

I simply assumed I would have to do it directly in on he AP.

I will give it a try. Thanks!

It looks like the AP Controller can only update via a Firmware Pack and no option to use beta firmware.

I will just have to be patient.


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@atomicboy: We updated a few test APs to the beta version by logging into the AP directly rather than using the router’s AP controller to do so. Mildly time consuming (but OK since we are only testing a few problematic Rugged APs) but the FW upgrade was otherwise easy.
Just one “data point” …

Rick-DC and Marcus helped the penny drop. I removed the AP’s from the Balance 210 Controller and updated them directly which worked. As Marcus indicated, the AP Controller would roll the firmware back to the previous Firmware Pack.
Thanks for helping turn the lightbulb on!


I applied this beta firmware to (3) AP One AC Mini HW1’s. I set the default firmware pack to none for the controller, set each individual AP’s firmware pack to none, then deleted the firmware pack from the controller just to be safe. Then I manually logged into each AP directly and performed the upgrade. They all upgraded great. I then took an SSID which has 2 iPhones and 1 iPad and changed the security from WPA2 to WPA3. It took a while for the configuration to get pushed, (so long that I got worried), but it finished without issue. Then I went to each phone and connected them to the SSID… they connected fine, but within 1 minute (20-55 seconds according to the log), they disconnected from it. I battled that for a minute before deciding I should click the “forget this network” button on each phone and have it re-learn the SSID under WPA3… that did the trick. All 3 Apple devices working well at WPA3 on the new beta firmware.


Interesting point about WPA3. I started getting wifi dropouts after enabling WPA2/WPA3 and decided to revert back to WPA2.

Wonder why there is a WPA2/WPA3 though if WPA3 is supposedly backwards compatible with WPA2 devices?

I figure older IoT devices will be more problematic.

I was wondering if there were any updates on the issues mentioned above, and if anyone has experienced any problems with this beta on the AP One Rugged?
Is there a timeline for the next beta(s) and the GA release of 3.6.2?
Thanks for any info you can share.

Hello Peplink Team,
I don’t know if anyone saw my post from Oct7 above, but is there an update on the timeline for 3.6.2?
Thank you for any update on this topic.

@peparn, 3.6.2 still under beta test. We will post an update if we release 3.6.2 GA.

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@TK_Liew Thank you for the update. Do you have any idea of when the GA might come out, or at least the next beta? Thanks.

@peparn, we don’t have a solid date yet as the engineering team still working to add more features into the firmware.



Ok. Thank you very much for the update :smiley:. Cheers!