AP One Firmware 3.6.2 / 3.7.3 / 3.8.1 RC

We’re happy to announce that the AP One Firmware 3.6.2 RC 1 / 3.7.3 RC 2 / 3.8.1 RC 1 are now available.

Device Supported and Release Notes:

Firmware Version Release Notes Product Hardware Revision
3.6.2 PDF AP One AC Mini HW1
AP One Enterprise HW1-2
AP One Flex HW2-3
AP One Rugged HW1
3.7.3 PDF AP One AC Mini HW2
AP One Flex HW4
3.8.1 PDF AP One AX HW1

Download the Beta Firmware


I had a IP Address display issue after changing from 3.6.2 build 1920 to 3.6.2 build 1938… However pushing a fresh configuration from the controller appears to have resolved the issue.

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Here is a tutorial on the Wi-Fi Mesh support in this RC firmware. Very useful and easy!

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I noticed the following in the AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Release Notes:


  • 23380 - Increase the chance for 5GHz Wi-Fi client to use 5GHz channel after Apply Changes.

I still have a difficult time getting clients to connect via 5GHz after applying changes to the AP One AC Mini HW2. The clients are running Windows, MacOS, and iOS.

Any thoughts on how to make connecting to 5GHz more reliable? Once the clients manage to reconnect, it’s rock solid and new clients have no problem connecting.

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I am curious, how did you configure your SSID(s)? Are you using IC2, local UI, or the local AP controller?

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I’m using the local AP controller with 2.4 and 5 GHz enabled for all SSIDs and Preferred Frequency set to 5 GHz. Once they reconnect, the 802.11ac clients all have RSSIs of -50 to -60 dBm.

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Well, there goes my theory…Was thinking it could be the preferred frequency setting.

I dug into that improvement a bit more and we are now applying changes to the 5Ghz radio first and the 2.4GHz second, so the 5GHz radio should be available before the 2.4GHz radio. At least, that’s the intended result.

I will check with Engineering to see if they have any ideas or questions.

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You can also try to set the Band Steering to prefer under - AP Controller - SSID - Advance settings, this improves it.