AP One Enterprise not compatible with InControl2?


I just got a Peplink Balance One Core and two Pepwave AP One Enterprise. While I had no trouble adding the One Core serial number to InControl2, I wasn’t able to add any of my AP One Enterprise serial numbers (got “S/N not found” under message column) to it.

When i clicked the “following devices” link displayed on the “Add devices into groups” page, I noticed that the AP One Enterprise was not listed, even though all of the other AP One models are.

On the other hand, about half way on page http://www.peplink.com/products/enterprise-access-point/pepwave-ap-one/ clearly shows:

Incontrol2 -----> AP Enterprise picture <----- AP Controller

which seem to indicate that the AP One Enterprise would be remotely manageable by InControl2 and centrally manageable by the AP Controller software found inside the Peplink Balance line.

Can you please advise?


AP’s are able to be managed be either or but not both at the same time. You would need to use either IC2 or AP controller of the Balance.

Thanks for your reply, but I had already seen the FAQ at the bottom of the AP Controller page before I posted my question.

The problem is I can’t even verify warranty status for my two AP One Enterprise units in InControl2 warranty verification step.

Since serial numbers cannot be found, warranty status cannot be verified, thus AP One Enterprise cannot be added to InControl2.

Therefore, there is actually only one way to centrally manage the AP One Enterprise, which is by using the AP Controller software on the Peplink Balance One.

Suggestion: Please verify with people in charge of InControl2 databases if AP One Enterprise serial numbers have been included.

Thanks once again,

Hello Cesar,

Enterprises are manageable via IC2 already. If you could PM me the SN of the AP’s I can certainly check further into it.

I tried sending you a Private Message, but it seems your quota has been exceeded.

Never mind the problem. I tried again and the serial numbers were accepted.


Good to heard that you manage to add the device under IC2. Do let us know if you need further help on the setup.

Thank You