AP One Enterprise Max Speed 110Mbps


I am only getting 110Mbps on any of my AP One Enterprise access points. They are all managed by a Balance One. Are there any “best practices” for getting better speeds? My settings in the default (only) profile are as follows:

Thanks for any help.


How is your device connected to the AP?

I get the following from a MAC by holding down “ALT” while clicking on the wifi icon.
This info is with the AP on the other side of a brick wall.

This Info is with the AP sitting beside the MAC


I conducted the following experiment:

Connected to Switch

  1. Mac via Ethernet
  2. Pepwave Wireless AP

The switch reports both connections as full 1000Mbps

With the Mac hooked directly to the switch via Ethernet, I get Internet speed of 500Mbps.
With the Mac not connected by ethernet but instead connected by Wifi, I get Internet speed of 110Mbps.

When I use the diagnostic suggested by GNO-2014 (hold down Option on Mac to see wifi details), I see that my reported Tx Rate over WiFi is 780Mbps (image below)! Somewhere along the line it’s getting limited to 110Mbps and consistently at that exact number no matter how near the AP. Firmware is 3.6 on the AP and 7.1.1 on Balance.

See images below. Hypotheses as to what might be limiting the throughput rate?



Just have a test using my device in office environment (clouded WIFI APs environment) , i still can get 200Mbps. Please check the attached screenshot for the test results.


Base on the test results don’t think this is related to the firmware issue.

Suspect the issue here can be related the followings:

  1. WIFI clients capability

  1. Environmental Influences
  • WIFI Interference
  • Concurrent clients access
  1. Others.

Do help to isolate the issue:

  1. Test with other client devices (OS/Device model) ?
  2. Perform WIFI scanning to analyze surrounding free WIFI channel and make sure interference is minimize ?

Please redo the test and we can further discuss the test results.


I just completed an experiment standing right next to an AP One Enterprise. I used two devices for this test:

  1. An iPhone XS for speed testing
  2. An iPad with the AP Controller loaded so I was absolutely sure that the iPhone was connected to the test subject access point prior to running each test

With the AP booted into firmware 3.5.4-1681 I was able to get a speed of over 300Mbps (internet speed)

With the AP booted into firmware 3.6.0-1805 I was only able to get a speed of 110Mbps

I repeated the test and confirmed that firmware 3.5.4 is allowing faster speeds than 3.6.0.

Then I repeated the entire experiment on an AP One AC Mini with the exact same results. Firmware 3.6.0 was limited to 110Mbps but firmware 3.5.4 was not.

Perhaps there is something unique about my network causing this, but the firmware version is the trigger. Any ideas? I suppose the quick answer is to run 3.5.4 on all my access points but ideally there is a better solution.


Please retest with 3.6.0s16 which has a fix on the maximum throughput. Thanks.


I am pleased to report that 3.6.0s16 resolves the problem. Is this firmware version OK to use in production?


Yes, please feel free to do so.