Ap one enterprise lan ports



I would like to ask about the 2 Ethernet ports of the AP ONE ENTERPRISE. If one of the port is connected to the PoE switch.
What is the function of the other port (none PoE) . Is this port act as a switch? Is it possible to connect another access point using power injector? (Cascading connections)


It is a switch port. It uses to connect an ethernet device.


The second port does not support PoE passthrough so you cannot power another AP off the LAN port. You can connect another AP to that port, but the power would need to come from somewhere else.
If you uses a PoE injector for the second AP, you can PoE inject onto the PoE port and connect the LAN (non-PoE) ports of the two APs together i.e. PoE port on second AP is not connected to a network, just getting power)
We have done this in the past and it works nicely allowing for 1Gbps network negotiation.