AP One Enterprise continuous red led after accidental fall


While installing the Pepwave Ap One Enterprise at it’s definitive ceiling location, I accidentally let it fall from about 2,9 meters high directly into my ceramic floor…

Unfortunately, after this mishap, it doesn’t come online anymore. I know it was working perfectly before the fall, because I had it working correctly sitting on top of a table, while I was trying to decide the exact spot in the ceiling I should install it.

I know it doesn’t mean much, but if I gently manually shake the AP One, I don’t hear anything indicating loose items inside.

When I connect it to the PoE injector, as it was before, the green light comes on, and the yellow light blinks, which seem to indicate there is traffic and that it sense the network as gigabit Ethernet. Nevertheless, no matter how long I wait, the red led never changes to green, and I cannot ping it’s previous IP address anymore. So it seems something broke down…

While I don’t really think so, I feel I should ask you first if there is anything I can do to try to revive it, before I throw it into the recycle bin and purchase a replacement.

For what it’s worth, it’s s/n ends in 70C2.

Best regards,

Hi Cesar, unfortunately a solid red LED is indicative of a hardware issue. You could try to pin reset it as a last resort but I’m not very hopeful…

Thanks Tim S. for your fast reply.

I will try to pin reset it before it goes to recycling.

Best regards,

UPDATE: It’s dead. Gone. In the recycle bin.:frowning: