AP One Enterprise 3.6.2 build 1938 - Lost DNS Service

Immediately after performing the firmware upgrade, was unable to connect to router. After many reboots and recabling - I am reaching our for suggestions. Worked perfectly prior to update. Now all clients are getting 169.xxx.xxx.x addresses.

Connected directly to router using PoE injector. What am I missing?

Sounds like something in the AP configuration has changed. Do you configure it manually in the AP, in a Balance with controller software, or in the cloud? I would start by holding the factory reset button till it reboots and the follow the instructions to set up a new AP.

Thank you for the reply Don, yes I reset to the factory defaults twice and left everything as originally supplied. I’m using InControl to access the web admin page.

It’s acting as if it’s some type of DNS error but everything is set to automatic.