AP One Ent connection issues

Has anyone else been having connection issues with the AP One Ent? Or maybe there are is a setting I didn’t consider or I overlooked?

Basically the same thing is happening on 2 different sites, where users will work fine for a few hours and then they will show full connection (and very very strong -dBm etc) but internet traffic will stop working (all). It doesn’t happen to all users connected to the same AP at the same time - it’s always different users at different times. Turning off and back on the wifi card fixes the problem immediately.

It’s happening with 7 different AP One Ent’s that I have, and it’s really a pain. I have tested with non Peplink AP’s and it works flawlessly so I’ve narrowed it down to that.

At the end of this month (January) the warranty is up and if I can get this fixed and working I’ll buy incontrol2 monitoring for them and the 305 and 580 that go with it. If I can’t get it working correctly I’m just going to not buy the incontrol2 monitoring and extra warranty and replace them with Cisco AP’s.

Any and all insights are welcome! (it could be a setting I didn’t think of - everyone makes mistakes) but I have tried changing a lot of them.

I should mention that all firmware is 100% up to date, including the routes with version 7, and this has been happening for all previous versions of the firmware and the new firmware.

@Sean_Peever, we would need you to obtain a diagnostic report from the AP when the issue occurs and attach it to a new support ticket with us:


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