AP One DHCP on Router Mode

Dear Guys ,

I need to know if I set AP One to router mode , then there’s DHCP settings on LAN page and also we have another DHCP option per SSID configuration.

the question is which DHCP we should configure to assign IP address to clients ? the DHCP on LAN or the DHCP on each SSID ? can we configure both ? do they make conflict with each other ?

please clarify.

another question : how to discard saved settings on AP one ?

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

DHCP settings on LAN page is consider “global” DHCP server. If you didn’t enable DHCP server in SSID, clients will get IP from “global” DHCP server. If you have enable DHCP server in SSID, then it will overwrite “global” DHCP server.

You can’t discard saved settings on AP one unless your reboot the AP.

Thanks for your reply ,

I have another question.

when we configure AP in a Router mode and configuring PPPOE on it, then wireless clients are not be able to see wired workstations connected to the second LAN port of the AP.

Is there any solution for this issue ?

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

Can you clarify more on “can’t see wired workstations”? Do you mean the workstation is not reachable (e.g. Ping to workstation) or can’t access the workstation with hostname?

Hi ,

Yes this is right when PPPOE connects and get Internet IP address , then workstations connected to the wireless side of the AP cannot ping workstations connected to the wired side of the AP.

wireless clients only have access to Internet and they don’t have access to wired clients connected to the LAN ports of the AP.

both wired and wireless clients have same private IP range assigned by DHCP on the AP One.

Hi Hootan,

Once you configure AP as router mode, wireless side will consider as LAN and wired side will consider as WAN. If both LAN and WAN also having same IP segment, User on wireless side definitely cannot communicate with the user on WAN side.

Okay , Is there any workaround for this issue ? we tried having different IP segment for wireless and wired clients but no success. it seems AP forwards all traffic coming from wireless side to wired side to the default gateway assigned by PPPOE.


Is that necessary to use PPPoE? PPPoE is a network protocol for encapsulating PPP frames inside Ethernet frames. It is a solution for tunneling packets over the DSL connection to the ISP’s IP network, and from there to the rest of the Internet.

If you need communication between WAN, LAN and access internet via AP as gateway, you may configure IP Address Mode as Automatic or Manual and physical connection as below:

LAN Users > AP > WAN users and PPPoE modem > Internet.