AP One connecting at 72Mbits

I have gotten both an AP One and a 300M for testing purposes. I can connect at 144Mbits with the 300M, but the AP One will only connect at 72Mbits. Both are set for 20/40mhz, but I have also tried just 40mhz as well and it still connects at 72Mbits. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks for your help.

Hi Andy-

This sounds very normal to me. Are you referring to the actual throughput you are getting?

The 802.11 protocol has a lot of overhead, and real world throughput is generally around half of the connected PHY data rate.

This is true with any AP, not just ours.

I’m not doing actual throughput tests, just referring to the reported connection speed of the OS which is of course a theoretical best. I’m just not understanding why one is reporting a connection of 144Mbits and the other is 72Mbits. Shouldn’t they both be 144Mbits?

The AP One is a single stream device capable of a maximum 150 Mbps data rate, while the AP One 300M is a two stream device capable of a maximum 300 Mbps data rate.

The reason you are seeing the higher data rates on the 300M is because it uses 2x2 MIMO technology.

Ok, so to see ~150 on the AP One I would need to be using 40Mhz channels only on both AP and Client, but the 300M will do ~150 with just one 20Mhz channel? Is this correct? Thanks for your time in explaining this.

Yes, you are correct. The AP One supports MCS 0-7 while the AP One 300M supports MCS 0-15. Here is a good chart to go by:

Thanks -Tim

Thanks Tim, that chart is very helpful.