AP One configuration by time

A year or so ago I asked about the option to disable certain SSID based on hour of day, day of week, etc, for AP One with or without InControl. The answer was something to the effect of “not now but someday”. Is that feature available with a firmware update now?

Scheduled radio availability has been introduced in the firmware 3.5.1.

Firmware download: Pepwave AP One AC mini | Pepwave AP One and other AP series

Configuring the schedule over InControl 2 will be available later.

AP availability schedule is available in group level Radio Settings page now.

I am using the InControl web site for my AP One units. The 3.5.1 firmware does not appear there so I downloaded it manually.

  1. Can I upload firmware to the device through the InControl web site? I don’t see that option.
  2. I know I can upload firmware directly to the device. When I am controlling directly through my Balance router, the router gives me the AP password. I don’t see that on the InControl web site. Where do I find the password so I can log into the unit directly?


You may upgrade APs firmware via InControl2. Please find here for more details. Please take note this is an example, make sure you select the relevant Group in your Organization. You may find different firmware URL for AP here. I advise to upgrade to v3.5.2 instead of v3.5.1.

Hope this help.

I am using InControl, not InControl2. I probably need to upgrade firmware directly to the device. Where do I find the device password on InControl like I see when managing from a Balance router?


I got you now. You may perform steps below to upgrade APs to v3.5.2 then migrate the management to InControl2. Please take note AP will connects to InControl2 starting from firmware 3.4.1.

  1. Register InControl2 account here > Add all APs into a group.

  2. Add firmware v3.5.2 in InControl. You may get firmware and release note URL here.

  3. Upgrade AP to firmware v3.5.2 in InControl.

  1. All APs with v3.5.2 will be appear online in InControl2 after the upgrade.

  2. You may standardize or change all APs Web Admin password in InControl2 via Settings > Group Settings > Device Web Admin Authentication.

Hope this help.