AP One AX's Not Reconecting To Incontrol/AP Controller


I have a Balance Two controlling 5 AP One AX’s. Whenever the power goes out, when it comes back on, only a few of the AP’s come back online to be controlled through by the Balance Two or Incontrol. It seems to be very random which ones come back online. All 5 devices work passing through internet traffic, I am just unable to control them even if I try to access the IP Address directly.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can be doing wrong? ALl firmware on all devices is up to date. Should I disable the health check? It’s so weird to me that the devices work completely fine, but they are just not able to be controlled from anywhere. The only thing that fixes the issue is a pull of the plug, and then plug back in.

Edit: This issue is ongoing since I got the devices in March 2021. What prompted me to finally post this is that it happened again the other day, but there was no power outage this time. I was just updating some of the SSID names in the Balance Two AP controller section. When I applied the settings, 3 of the 5 controllers went offline, but nobody in the building noticed because all internet traffic was still being passed through all the devices as expected, but they were showing offline in the Balance Two and Incontrol.


Please open a support ticket here to allow support team to check on that. This is not a expected behavior.

Ok, will do. Thank you very much for the response.