AP One AX - no power adapter?

I just got 2 new access points - AP One AX - and they don’t come with a DC power adapter. Every piece of literature I could find indicated that an optional POE injector could be purchased seperately. That implies that the AC adapter should come with it.

I am replacing my AC Minis with these guys and I noticed that the power cable will power the unit on, but I quickly unplugged it. Will the power adapter from the AP AC Mini (HW1) work on these new access points?

I didn’t see the actual power supply even offered from the retailer that I purchased the access points from - 5gstore.

Yes - The AP One AC Mini comes with a 12V 2A (24W) PSU and the optional AP One AX DC PSU is a 12V 3A (36W) unit.

On the spec sheet the AP ONE Mini says it consumes 12W (Max) and the AP ONE AX says it consumes 24W (max) so you should be fine with the 12V 2A DC power supplies from the AP One Mini just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t get to hot. Or grab yourself another 12V 3A PSU from somewhere.

Thanks Martin – you da man. Can’t wait to give these things a try.

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