AP One as a wifi extender for SOHO MK3?

I need to extend my wifi provided by a SOHO MK3 to cover my house and lot. Can I use the AP one as an extender?

You would need to run an Ethernet cable from the SOHO to the AP One. If you want to do it wireless then you would want to purchase a Device Connector instead. Cheers

The short answer is yes, but the Surf SOHO is not designed for this. Routers in the Balance line have software for managing access points, the Surf SOHO does not.

Elsewhere here on the forum, I have read that you will have to duplicate all the WiFi settings from the Surf SOHO on the AP One. Not hard, small annoyance. I have not tried it.

The AP One has a web based user interface. Plug it into the LAN, figure out its LAN side IP address and open a browser directed at that IP address.

The Device Connector can be thought of as a Peplink Wi-Fi extender.

I’ve done this with a Surf SOHO and AP One AC Mini. During setup, I connected the AP One via ethernet to the SOHO’s LAN. Now the AP One connects to the SOHO through an ethernet switch. The SOHO and AP One both use the same SSIDs and passwords. Everything’s working fine, except for an odd problem with the AP One’s time sync, which I posted about earlier today. Good luck!

Thanks for the info.
For some reason I missed the Device Connector, and purchased the AP-One_rugged thinking that would allow me to extend the wifi. I have duplicated the SSID and the password across the AP and SOHO. One thing I noticed is that from the web admin page of the AP that I can’t check for new firmware. Also the only client I see of the AP is the SOHO. So I’m not sure if I got everything configured right. Thanks for the quick replies!

I have duplicated the settings Same SSIDs/passwords and any other settings. I’m still not getting it to work. Do you have any suggestions?

Here are a few things to check:

  • Your router (SOHO) should be the only DHCP server. Is the AP One in Bridge mode? Look under System | Operating Mode.
  • Are the SSIDs and wifi passwords exactly the same as on router? I made typos when I was setting up mine.
  • You might also check that the security policies are the same (e.g. WAP2, WAP3 or whatever you’re using).

My experience in this stuff is somewhat limited so take these suggestions with a grain of salt.

Good luck,

Make sure whichever lan port on the SOHO connecting the AP is set to TRUNK ANY.

I had 2 issues, i had fat-fingered a password and I had to set thresholds so that the mobile devices could move back and forth between devices. It is up and running, thanks everybody!