AP One AC Minis Fail to Sync

We are densifying our wifi network to support new, higher-speed MacBook Pros. We’ve recently added 2 new AP One AC Minis, bringing our total fleet to 4.

We had been managing our existing 2 units via our Balance 380 edge router, and plan to continue with that management strategy.

However, now 3 of the 4 units fail to sync. They power up, become visible as DHCP clients, go into sync mode (per the 380’s AP interface), and then disappear.

Any thoughts on what we’re doing wrong?

Hi Trey, are you also trying to manage them via InControl2? If you are using the Balance 380 as the controller then you cannot manage them on InControl2 at the same time. Also, make sure all devices are on the current firmware. Thanks.

Hi, Tim!

We had been managing some of them via InControl, but we’re using the controller (only) now. All devices are on the current firmware, and we’ve reset them several times.

They appear in the Client List briefly, but become inaccessible almost immediately. I’ve even tried connecting them to another switch, manually adjusting their settings to ensure controller management, correct admin security settings, and management VLAN settings, and I still get the same outcome.

Please open a support ticket and we will take a deeper dive: