AP one AC mini

Hi there,

today i tried to connect an “AP one AC mini” to the PepLink Balance 710 Controller, and every thing was going good,
till i was about to make two wireless profile for two different SSID, each at different VLAN but i notice that i can’t assign more than one profile to each AP!!

Can i assign more than one wireless profile for “AP one AC mini” ?

if not, can i assign more than one profile to any another AP?

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No you cannot assign more then 1 profile to a AP. May I ask the reasoning for this?

For the AP
You can make 2 SSID’s and have them be apart of the same profile.

thank you Mr. Petermann,

more questions please,
1-can i have two SSID’s one of them tagged to Vlan and the other one untagged related to the same profile at any Pep-Wave AP models?
2-can i have multiple VPN profile at the “AP one AC mini” or at another AP, and assign each SSID to different VPN profile?

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AP supports a VPN profile only. Please take note VPN is supported if you change AP to router mode.

Dear Mr. Liew, and Mr. Petermann.

my topology : i want to connect one AP at “branch B” to the head office, the two sites connected together via MPLS,the AP controlled, and i must need to have two SSID’s at “branch B”.
the two SSID’s must be at different LAN, because Guest SSID will be connected to the controller via L2-Bridged VPN and will take the IP’s from DHCP Server.
the Staff SSID will assign the IP’s statically and the network will follow an internal routing table.

thank you


I suggest configure your Controller and AP in branch B as below without Speedfusion.

  1. Centralized manage remote AP of branch B.

  2. Enable DHCP server in Guest SSID (AP > Wireless SSID > Guest > DHCP Setting = Server).

Dear Mr. Liew,

sorry maybe i didn’t clarify the topology well last time.

At each Branch i must have two SSIDs “Guest and Staff”
For the Guest SSID: the guests must take the DHCP Server at the Head Office. but i can’t, the problem maybe the DHCP Discover and DHCP request will not Pass through the Mpls routers to the Head Office.
And for the Staff SSID: i must need to assign the IP’s statically to be routed through the Mpls to other branches and to the Head Office.

Best Regards.