AP one AC mini

hello , i bought 13 A-ponts and like to dowload the documentation f the AP one AC mini. What I found is : Pepwave_AP_Series_User_Manual.pdf

Pepwave AP One Series:
AP One / AP One 300M / AP One mini / AP One AC mini /
AP One Flex / AP One In-Wall

Pepwave AP Pro Series:
AP Pro

Sept 2014

I’m sorry but i read A lot of info, but this manual does NOT describe the menu structure of the AC-mini.
Please inform me where to find that user manual
Dirk Dekker

Hi Dirk Dekker,

Sorry for confusing. We will put up the manual for AP One AC Mini asap.

Thanks for the reaction.
Any idea about time schedule?

Hi Dirk - please find the user manual for AP One AC mini here: http://download.peplink.com/manual/Pepwave_AP_One_AC_mini_User_Manual_3.5.0.pdf