AP One AC Mini - WAN port for LAN

How can I configure the WAN port on the AP One AC Mini for LAN access?

We just bought several AP One AC Mini’s based on good experience with the AP One Rugged. We use these as LAN to WiFi bridges for several devices with LAN ports only. This should be really straight forward and works with pretty much any router but I can not figure out the correct configuration.

We chose the AP One AC Mini for it’s small form factor, reliability and speed and other routers in this size usually only have 100Mbps ports.

To be clear, we just want a private network with the AC Mini serving DHCP on LAN and WiFi with the same subnet. For example, we want to access a camera from a mobile or laptop but the camera only has a LAN port and no DHCP server (client only).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

I think what you are asking for is router mode. Go to Network > LAN and click on Change to Router Mode.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, it should be as easy as that but unfortunately it isn’t.

In router mode (System > Operating Mode), the AC Mini can’t be configured for LAN access through the ethernet port. It should be possible to disable WAN, serve DHCP on the ethernet port and allow access to the LAN.

Currently I can only access the LAN through the ethernet port in bridge mode but then I have no DHCP server.

@gahbes, base on the described scenario, it is more likely the job for Device Connector, where Wi-Fi is “WAN” and Ethernet is “LAN”, from the traffic flow perspective.

You may able to use the AP One Rugged (or other AP models with multiple Ethernet ports) to achieve that, as the two Ethernet ports are bridged (in layer 2).

The AP One AC Mini, with a single Ethernet port, will always serve as the uplink (or WAN in Router Mode) for the access point.

Probably you can consider the AP One Rugged, AP One Enterprise, or the Device Connector series.

Thank you. Is this a hardware or firmware limitation? I.e. is it worth making a feature request and could this be enabled in firmware or not possible?

I have looked at the device connector but sadly they are all much larger than the AC Mini and would require an existing wifi network as far as I understand.

With DD-WRT or Tomato I can easily make that change by assigning the WAN port to the same VLAN. Why is this not possible here? Is it possible to flash the AC Mini with Tomato or DD-WRT? The IPQ4018 already seems supported by OpenWRT.


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