AP One AC Mini RJ45 Port Location

Dear Team,

AP One AC Mini is a very popular device among our Customers due to its dimensions but one thing that sometimes bothers during installation is RJ-45 port location. AP Mini is valued because of it minimalist look, but protruding Ethernet cable sometimes ruins the good impression.

Did you consider relocating the RJ-45 port to the back of the device, to allow hiding the cable? We mostly hang AP Mini on the ceiling so the cable would not be visible with WAN port on the back.

There is no high priority on this one, but please consider it in the future… Maybe the tilting port would be a solution?

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We have the AC Mini dedicated protect cover (ACW-384) that can hide the cable.



oooh. Thats a good idea. I don’t think I was aware of the existence of that cover. What cable entry points does the cover have? Are there side and rear entry points?

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I should post more photos initially. Hope this help :face_with_monocle: