AP One AC mini rebooting - way to increase logs?

I have a brand new AP One AC mini at a remote site that is rebooting at least twice a day for no reason that I can tell. I have remote syslog setup, but I never see anything useful other than devices joining and leaving.

Is there a way to turn up log verbosity?

The device in question is running 3.5.0 build 1452. It has very low clients (1-5 devices connected at any one time) and moderate traffic. 3 cameras stream 200k each out through it pretty constantly.

In addition, two AP One Flex units are connected to it via WDS.

Hi Steve, please enable the remote assistance on the device and open a support ticket here for further investigation:

My AC Mini also has this version loaded and it just died completely. (No Status light at all. I’ve E-mailed my distributor for a replacement.) Why is the version on the site older than this? (Currently build 1448.) Is the site just not up to date or did these units accidentally ship with experimental builds?


I suspect no power for AC Mini. You power on AC Mini by power adapter or POE switch? Please test with both power input.

Oh, I did. It’s dead either way. (I was initially using it via PoE but it suddenly died during testing with a wireless client.)

Back to my question: why is the firmware version on the device newer than what can be downloaded from the Web site?


v3.5.0 build 1452 is for production usage, and there are no visible different, and also the feature and improvements. So that we have not put it into our web site.

Thanks. It stopped rebooting, so I think I’ll just watch it and submit a ticket if it happens again. Only occurred about 3 days in a row and then stabilized.