AP One AC Mini PepVPN

We are using
A Balance 380 (v6.2) connecting to 5 Balance 50 with PepVPN every device can communicate with every device (So fare everything Good)
We have a remote location where we would like to use a AP One AC Mini and connect to the Balance 380 (PepVPN) and see all the reste of our network and also use Bonjour and AirPrint. I have bridged to the unnamed LAN but can not connect to the AP One AC Mini.

Are there any user guides for how to configure PepVPN and all it features?


Hi Robert,

You need to terminate PepVPN between B380 and AC Mini?


AC Mini is located behind one of the existing B50 and you need network visibility between wireless (at branch) and HQ devices by using Bonjour, AirPrint?

The peplink is is behind an ordinary router connected to the b380 by pepvpn


In the router that is in front of the AP One AC Mini you will need to ensure the ports used for speedfusion are forwarded to the AP.

Public IP>>Forward TCP 32015, UDP 4500>>>Private IP of AP


speed fusion works
But do I need to use NAT or Layer2 or some other settings?


This is depending your need. By default SpeedFusion is running on Layer 3.

Connected to the AP One AC Mini I would like to the all my internal PepVPN Network like with the other routers.


Hi Robert,

Do you mean SpeedFusion established between AC Mini and B380 but you can’t access others remote network behind B50?

May I know all B50 established Layer 3 SpeedFusion tunnel to B380?

exact From all network behind the poplin routers I can see my other poplin networks except form the AP One AC Mini

Robert Goeres

Hi Robert,

Please open ticket for us to check further. We need to understand more on your setting.

Please turn on Remote Assistance for this AP as well.

Thank you.