AP One AC Mini Loses Time Zone Setting


2x AP One AC Minis running FW 3.5.0 Build 1452

Periodically, our Minis lose their time zone setting and must be manually re-configured. When the setting is lost, clients trying to authenticate using RADIUS cannot join the network.

Is this a known issue? If so, is there an anticipated fix date?




Would you mind to open a support ticket here, so our support team could take closer look at the devices?

Also, please enable the Remote Assistance with the steps highlighted here, for troubleshooting purpose.

Thanks and regards.



Do you manage to create a support ticket? If so, can you provide the ticket number to us?

Also, please help to obtain the diagnostic reports for two situation, in working condition and when the issue happened, and upload via the support ticket.

Thanks and regards.


Yes, the ticket is number 749570, and RA is enabled. Please let me know as soon as your folks are done poking around, as we would like to disable RA as soon as possible.



Our support team will follow up your case.