AP One AC Mini keeps disconnecting from mesh with Surf SOHO MK3

Hi friends- I set up a mesh network between Surf SOHO MK3 and AP One AC Mini, worked great for a few weeks. Today the wifi speed around the AP One was terrible, when I logged into the SOHO admin dashboard the AP One didn’t show up on the AP>Status>Mesh/WDS panel (i.e., doesn’t seem to be connected). It is usually connected with decent signal strength (around -60Db). I restarted the AP One, after boot up it shows back up on this menu as a connected AP to the SOHO, but after 5 or so minutes it disappears and the wifi signal around it drops again. Did this a couple of times. Have not made any software or hardware changes leading up to this issue. Any guidance on how to troubleshoot? Thanks!

Also note I’m on firmware 8.1.2 on the Soho MK3 (upgrading to 8.1.3 now in case that helps)

You are using 5GHz or 2.4Ghz for the WIFI mesh ? If you using 2.4Ghz , suggested that you can change to use 5Ghz for the WIFI Mesh connection.

2.4Ghz easily being interference by the surrounding WIFI/other equipment’s, try not using that for the mesh connection.

Thanks for the help Sit Loong See. My wesh was already set up using 5Ghz. On the back of the AP One AC Mini is an led “WiFi” status light. I have noticed in the last few days in the morning the wifi status light is blinking and all devices connected to it have a strong internet connection. But at various points throughout the day, with no changes to the surrounding environment or additions of any conflicting signals from other devices, the wifi status light turns off, at which point it seems the AP stops broadcasting a wifi signal. I believe this is the issue. The AP was working fine and not doing this up until a few days ago. Any idea why this could be happening? Thank you again!

Do you try before setting the static 5Ghz WIFI channel to check whether you still see the same issue ?