AP One AC Mini Firmware differences

I have AP One AC mini HW1 that evidently will not support firmware above 3.6.1
What capabilities are missing versus HW2 with Firmware 3.7.2?

Hi @bracurrie,

As far as I’m aware there isn’t any major difference between these firmware versions, the difference is with the Hardware. I expect the Peplink team will comment, but my understanding is that as and when new features are added, then new firmware will be released for both the HW1 and HW2 models [providing the hardware components will support the new features] - these firmware revisions may have different numeric values, but I guess we’ll see!

I hope this helps,


Yes , I hope they chime in. WDS disappeared and I hope it comes back.

How do you visually identify which hardware version your AP One AC Mini is?

Hi @brill . It can’t be done from the “outside.” Go to Status → System Information and you will see something like this …

Thanks @Rick-DC! I expected something written on the AP itself hahaha!

Not fired it up yet and have just downloaded both firmware’s. Will boot it and do as you suggested, thanks again.

Ooops. You DID say “AP One Mini.” The screen cap I showed was from a BR1 Mini [router.] Here’s what you are looking for with the AP …

Similar location.

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I did notice it wasn’t the same AP but presumed I’d be able to find it. Will see tomorrow when I boot it up! Appreciate your time @Rick-DC