AP One AC Mini DC Power Connector & Amps Draw

I’m designing a WiFi remote control solution for a new professional camera model that has 1 Gb Ethernet. I want to use the AP One AC Mini to enable remote access. I would need to power it via the same 12 V battery as the camera. Could you please tell me the size of the 12 V power barrel connector (ie. is it 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm?) and the Amps power draw required?

The other option would be the On-The-Go Router but it is not fast enough. I need AC speeds and 1 Gb Ethernet. Is there another, faster small router available?

Thank you.

I would appreciate an answer from the Peplink Team. I would not think these questions are hard to answer.

Thank you

Might I give you a “half answer” – pending a more authoritative one from the Peplink folks?

The “Mini” uses a typical coaxial power connector such as commonly found on 12VDC-powered devices, including all the security cams I have seen. I think you are right as to the dimensions, but I don’t presently have one at hand to check.
The switching power supply furnished indicates the output is 12VDC @ 2A. Very doubtful the AP requires that much, however.
The AP can also be powered by “af” POE, which is the way we usually do it. One could probably “back in” to the “real” power consumption by referencing the POE spec.

  • Rick

@Rick-DC Thank you for the help. Hopefully the Peplink folks will answer shortly!