AP One AC Mini as router not getting public IP

I am retiring a Balance 210 and replacing it with a AP One AC Mini as a router pulling a public IP from a Xfinity cable modem set to bridge mode. I have copied the WAN settings from the Balance 210 and yet the AP One AC Mini will not pull a public IP. It retrieves a 10.0.x.x address with internet access, but of course I need the public IP to get a PEPvpn tunnel going.
I am not a trained IT person but figured the same settings would get the same result. The Balance 210 has been working for years pulling a 73.x.x.x address.
The Pepwave is set to run as router.

The AP One are access points. I don’t think it can do what you want. The AP also does not have a firewall so if you manage to get connected it would not be secure. I would suggest a SOHO.

Oh. Didn’t get that there was no firewall. My ignorance on display.
Thank you.